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Electric Kettle History

Time is like a song that flows gently, history is like a river that runs a long course, more than 100 years ago, the British invented the world’s first electric kettle and it swept all across the whole Europe. China domestic sales of electric kettle began in the late 90s. The electric kettles have brought more scientific, fast and convenient drinking experience to China where has a thousand years of tea drinking culture. It also rapidly drives the electric kettle market in China.

JACAL Background

Zhongshan JACAL Electric Company Limited is invested by a company from Canada. It was established in Zhongshan in 2001 as a high-tech enterprise. JACAL specializes in designing and manufacturing electric kettles and electronic scales. We have been focusing on European market since 2006. Products have been sold to high-end markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Australia. We have earned good reputation from our customers because of simple and delicate design concept, scientific and core technology, quality and efficient service.


Our brand, JACAL was founded in Canada in 1995 and started investing in China since 1997. Three companies have been established since then, they are Hong Kong JACAL International Company Limited, Zhongshan Jacal Electric Company Limited, Zhongshan JACAL Electronic Company Limited. JACAL is the leading and largest samovar factory manufactures the most different type of samovars.

JACAL theory

JACAL’s theory is “focus” – of single industry, of demand and of customer service. We are dedicated by professional teams such as R&D, QA, production and marketing teams, which are inheriting the advanced manufacturing technology from headquarters in Canada. Relying on international design concept and the spirit of excellence to serve JACAL’s focus, a number of trend-leading products is created. As such, foundation of JACAL, outstanding brand culture is established.

JACAL Products

JACAL’s products have remarkable combination of practical value and artistic value. Intellectual property creates value for enterprises, patents drives innovation and development. JACAL has a number of invention patents and dozens of patents involving a variety of design concepts of electric kettle and application concepts. Our products have an exquisite and colorful layout, showing the charm of its originality. Each product is made with exquisite workmanship and fine materials.

JACAL Attitude

“Positive attitude, quality life” is the best interpretation of JACAL brand. JACAL delivers “scientific attitude, dedicated spirit and healthy life”. Each person has its own pursuit for quality life and will not refuse the gift that given by nature. As long as we respect our inner voice, love and life, we all will live a happy life.

JACAL always commits to bring the best quality products and integrated artistic elements into each details of product. It’s our unswerving mission to constantly bring people with better products.